Internet Booking Engine

Values to Hotel

Ability to offer promotions and get bookings
in real-time from FIT, Corporates and Travel Agents

Has an assistant
to drive more direct bookings

Convert a visitor into a booker

Better ADR

Lower commission paid to OTAs

More control

Values to Hotel’s Guest

Worry-free and confident when book directly with the hotel

Ability to communicate with hotel if needed

Enjoy more privileges and best rate guarantee

More loyalty to the hotel

Channel Manager System

Values to Hotel

Can manage 130+ OTAs and brand’s website within one system

Effortlessly Regulate Hotel Rate Parity

Minimized Overbooking

Competitor Rates Analysis
(Rate Comparison, Review Comparison)

Online Reputation Management Can manage all the reviews in a single system

Efficient Yield Management

Values to Hotel’s Guest

Perceive hotel standard across online sales channel

Minimize disappointment on overbooking

Payment Gateway

Values to Hotel

Ability to receive payment in real-timefor both confirmation and on-request bookings

Reduce numberof no-shows

Ability to set deposit amount differently depending on promotions or conditions

Values to Hotel’s Guest

Feel more confident to get the rooms

Can book room conveniently

Website Design & Integration

Values to Hotel

Attract the guests
with impressive website design that can convert a looker into booker

promotions, privileges, pictures, banners in real-time

Expired promotions
will be disappeared automatically

Responsive Design
(PC, Tablet, Mobile friendly)

Values to Hotel’s Guest

Impress with hotel’s branding
which complete of information

Feel that the hotel’s website
is up-to-date and confident to choose this hotel as the destination and make a booking

Ecommerce Management

Values to Hotel

Has an expert to helps managing online sales channel

Reduce inexperienced human resource and turnover

Better occupancy and ADR management

Values to Hotel’s Guest

Pleasant to hotel’s branding

Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM, SMM)

Values to Hotel

Build branding and awareness

Strategies to select the right target groups and channels

Higher chance to be found on Search Engines or Social Medias

More channels to sell and promote its brand

Values to Hotel’s Guest

Feel credibility and popularity of hotel

Information can be searched or found easier

Domain & Web Hosting


Web Hosting

Google Workspace