Xcaliber™ Real-time Internet Reservations

Power up your hotel website and turn it into a 24x7 revenue generating center! Powered by Xcaliber™, our Internet Reservation System will allow customers to easily search for rooms, make a reservation, and pay for it all conveniently and securely from your very own hotel website.

It is statistically proven that online bookings results in higher customer spend, so don't wait even a second to let the opportunity pass by. Let us connect you to the road of success!

New & Improved

Xcaliber™, the next generation of online hotel reservation system has been improved with a totally new professional design and redeveloped using cutting edge java technology. The result is a more robust system that delivers faster room search results and a more simplified booking process to help increase booking ratio.

Why choose Xcaliber™

  • Multiple Room Types booking
    Xcaliber™ is the only online booking system in the market that is capable of allowing guests to book multiple room types under a single reservation. Your guests no longer need to make multiple reservations in order to book two or more different room types. With Xcaliber™, guests can simply add the desired rooms to the Cart and proceed to payment, it's as simple as that!
  • Powerful Dashboard
    Xcaliber's dashboard is essentially your control center, giving you a bird's eye view of quick sales reports and guests that are checking in within 7 days. A key feature of the Dashboard is Allotment Xpress™, a powerful & intelligent tool to manage room allotments.
  • Allotment Xpress"One click does it all"
    Allotment Xpress™ is our propriety and unique room allotment management system (patent pending). Allotment Xpress™ allows you to increase & decrease room allotments as well as stop and start room sales with one mouse click. It can't be any simpler than this, one click and that's it!
  • Flexible and Smart promotion builder
    You have the power to create any type of promotions and unique packages that you can imagine! From honeymoon special to full moon specials, Xcaliber™ will allow you to easily create and sell whatever promotions and packages on your website.
  • Promotional Code Creator
    An added flexibility to creating sales promotions is Xcaliber's ability to create "Promo Codes". Instead of showing sales promotions on the website for everyone, you have the option to limit the promotion and target specific customers only. Only customers with the "Promo Code" will be able to take advantage of the special sales on your website. By using "Promo Codes" with email campaigns, you will have a powerful and proven technique to improve and maintain customer royalty.
  • Sell Enhancement Products
    As an added bonus, Xcaliber™ allow hotels to sell "enhancements" products such as airport transfer, spa packages, or tour services. Best of all, the sales of these items are totally commission free!
  • Seamless Integration
    The integration of our Internet Reservation System to your website is very simple. That's because we will do it for you! Our Integration Specialist will handle all the technical works from account setup, system integration, and customization to fit the personal look and feel of your website. Or if you prefer, we can even redesign your entire website for you!
  • Totally Secured
    One of the major concerns of hotel operators with regards to online reservation is credit card fraud and information theft. We hear you and can assure you that your website will be providing a totally secured online payment capability. This is because our payment system uses the latest SSL encryption technology, with the SSL certificate verified by Verisign, the leading Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate Authority in the world. The financial transactions itself is handled by Bangkok Bank, one of the leading banks in Thailand, so you can feel at ease about internet fraud and currency conversion.

    See how Xcaliber™ works in our demo website or visit some of our current client's websites below to see Xcaliber™ in action. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to arrange for a private demonstration.